Practical Jazz Theory for Improvisation

The Practical Jazz Theory for Improvisation series was originally written as a curriculum/text  for the National Jazz Workshop. The intent was to provide an overview during the summer sessions while providing a more comprehensive text and exercise solution for student to pursue on their own.  The series consists of three separate books – A primary theory text for all instruments, (black cover) and two companion exercise books – treble clef (green cover) and bass clef (red cover). While they are designed to be used in conjunction with each other, each is effective as a stand-alone enhancement to development. The exercise books are especially useful for technique development.

Below each cover there is a link to a PDF sample including the contents and first two chapters of each book.


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Practical Jazz Theory for Improvisation (text)

Practical Jazz Theory – Treble Clef Exercises

Practical Jazz Theory – Bass Clef Exercises